Geriatric Care and its importance

Geriatric Health Care

Geriatric Health Care

Health is the first thing to be dealt with, if it comes to human beings. It is said by everyone that before doing anything, take your health in account and then proceed your work. India is a country where people often ignore health issues and some cannot even afford it. Hospitals and clinics are situated all across the country in large numbers to cater the needy. Special healthcare services are provided to kids, women and old age people. The management for the elderly people for their healthcare and living style for a very long time is known as Geriatric Care. They supply knowledge of the social healthcare and also give knowledge to the families about the various psychological transformations at this stage of life. Geriatric care is managed by professionals who are trained in nursing and health care services. They help the old age people and their families to adjust with the disabilities and ageing problems.

Services provided in Geriatric Care facility

  • When there is some problem in any field, the first thing to do is to mark the problem area. Similarly the Geriatric Care managers help to mark the disability or the problematic area and then offer techniques to improve them to gain a proper living.
  • They also take in account the medical feasibility of the person and the financial condition with the details about any medical insurance.
  • They also offer proper counselling sessions for the people who need it and often involve their families as well.
  • They keep in mind the disabilities of their patients and time to time recheck the cases with higher professionals of the field.
  • Many people belonging to this stage of life prefer not leaving their homes. Geriatric Care professionals provide home facility as well which makes the people more comfortable.
  • Keeping a track of the hygiene and proper intake of healthy food is done by the managing departments.
  • Facilities like meal planning, mental stimulation, medication reminders are given by the management and it is kept in mind to deliver the best service possible.


Health check-ups and packages involved

  • Basic check-up of the body is involved which include urine routine, ECG, blood sugar test, lipid profile etc.
  • Many hospitals provide packages for such facilities which save the time as well as the money of the people
  • Special packages are available for women patients in a number of hospitals across the country.
  • Many clinics and healthcare units are providing online facility as well. One can make appointments and finalize the test packages online with assurance.
  • Government is providing hospitals with special facilities and monetary facility for the ones who cannot afford the expense of the treatment and care.
  • Hospitals have also created age bars and prior facilities to the ones who are at a higher age and need better care.


It becomes very important for the people to take care of their parents but many of them don’t know the right way and the facilities which they need. Provision of specialist is present in our country and it is being utilised on a very large scale. The month of May is said to be as the National Geriatric Care Manager’s month. It is very important for the elderly people to have a comfortable life and this helps in improving their quality of life as well as curtail the family stress. It is claimed by many doctors from all over the world that geriatric care is a very important part of the health care society and it should be given more consideration by the people.



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