Gynecology Care

MGynaecology Careedical researchers and health experts today understand the criticality of women’s health in all walks of life. A woman undergoes several hormonal and physical health transitions during her lifetime. From a girl to a young woman to a mother and then when her body goes into an inert stage can experience several medical attentions.


Advanced Health Care Centers for Women

Women’s Care in Obstetrics and Gynaecology today is tremendously expanding with understanding of different needs of women and giving them highly qualified and easy services in ailments.

  • Health experts today practice perfection with dedication in providing complete gynaecological and obstetrical care to women in all the phases of their life. Health centers today have certified experienced Physicians along with certified Nurse Practitioners in health care.
  • Expert centers also have their websites designed in such a way to have all the necessary information to educate women from all walks of life whether they are seeking information on certain specific procedures, on what are the tests and care methods women of different age groups need and health and awareness programs that women should take advantage of or any details that they want to know about the practitioners at these health centers.
  • State of the art equipment is used by health experts and hospitals, which give complete safety and risk free treatment for women.

Health Care and Precautions to be taken by Women

Gynaecology Care

Annual physical examinations: Health checks are a must for women for keeping health problems at bay by checking blood pressure checked frequently, Hemoglobin, Random Blood Sugar, Ultrasound of the abdomen and cholesterol levels checked twice a year. These tests are necessary for men as well. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer of women as well as men today, so this is crucial to monitor them. Special attention is required for examining cervical and breast cancer carried out with a routine pap smear along with mammogram and regular consultations with their doctor as well. Many young women are being affected with issues like PCOD, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance and many gynaecology issues and should periodically visit their doctors.

Avoiding osteoporosis: Vital nutrients are needed for women where calcium and vitamin D supplements are needed after 30 years of age. A regular bone density screening every two years should be done for women, starting at age 60-65, in order to check for any symptoms of osteoporosis or osteopenia. Decreased bone density as a result can cause falls and fractures in older women.

Intake of proper nutrition – Today women is a multi-tasking person. Not only does she handle household activities, and manage family and kids but is also a bread earner in the family. With such busy schedules, often she is seen just grabbing anything to eat and not paying attention to her body needs. Taking well-balanced meals is critical as it is the foundation of a healthy body. Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts and proteins is very important. Women after delivering their babies tend to lose nutrition and while lactating should have proper diet intake as well. Iron, calcium, and multivitamins after consultation with doctor should be taken. Many women suffer from   today and this is detrimental to the health. It is seen that intake of multivitamins on daily basis along with about 1000 mg of calcium and at least 800 IU of Vitamin D is essential for bone health. A woman who is in the phase of planning to conceive and have pregnancy should start taking a prenatal vitamin after doctor’s advice at least three to six months before trying to conceive.

Physical Activity in daily routine: Did you not know this yet ignore it? Yes. It is high essential that women should pay attention to physical activity and workout to stay fit. After 40 years a light walk will help but young women today should start working out at least 30 minutes a day. This is helpful for having a healthy heart, strong bones, mental health, hormonal functioning and a bonus of glowing skin too.

Women in India are least considerate about their health and spend a lifetime in taking care of their loved ones. Start caring for your health today before it is too late to look back!



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