Life Style Diseases

Increasing Risk of Lifestyle Diseases among Youth and Middle-Ages

Life StyleIt is ironical that today communicable diseases which were hazardous to mankind such as flu, typhoid, malaria, cholera and polio are healable due to innovative technologies in the field of medicine. On the contrary we are ourselves ruining our health and welcoming several new health problems.

Surprised? Don’t be! It is you who is deteriorating your own health. A new trend of lifestyle diseases is affecting young ones who are prone to be affected by harmful negative health effects as a result of their non-health friendly habits they are exhibiting. These health risks include heart disease, respiratory diseases, cancers of different organs and diabetes.

Research shows that across the world there are about 14.2 million people who fall between the ages of 30-69 years who today die prematurely as a result of these diseases. These diseases are more perilous than the infectious diseases which were more worrying few years back.

Root cause of lifestyle diseases

Life StyleNow that we know what are the risks involved to our health due to our sedentary and careless lifestyle, it is important to get into depth to understand the causes better. There are several Risk factors for these diseases which need to be paid attention to. According to the NFHS statistics show that India is today ranking second with 155 million obese people and this number is increasing at 33-51% every year. Most of these are known to us however we ignore these issues and consider them trivial. Here we will take a look at what the most common lifestyle mistakes we are making which is taking that you need to take seriously.

  • Unhealthy diets and eating habits: We are a result of what we eat and eating junk food filled with oil, processed foods, red meat and fast foods is all accumulating in our body as fat. A diet which is high in fat, majorly the saturated fat, low fruits and vegetables, along with a high amount salt and oil intake leads to the early emergence of chronic risk factors. This increases our weight, cholesterol and slows down our metabolism. As a result all translate this adds to obesity and other health problems. A person with excessive weight and cholesterol suffers from ailments like cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. It is seen that
  • Lack of Physical Activity: Our older generations used to walk miles daily from work or back home. They walked up the stairs, physically stayed active. Children till about a decade back were actively involved in sports, outdoor games, etc. But thanks to the deterioration brought by technology! Today video games, internet apps, online shopping, elevators and all sorts of gadgets seem to make ‘Life Easy’ but makes us dull at the same time. Due to lack of being active during the day we are becoming lazy and inert day by day. These lifestyle diseases are welcomed by inactive bodies. Fat is accumulated and we do not burn the calories taken in. As a result obesity, diabetes and other interrelated diseases set in at early ages.
  • Addicted to bad habits: Consumption of alcohol and tobacco is spreading like rage throughout the country. This damages the lungs causing lung cancer, respiratory diseases. Alcohol damages the liver and causes cardiovascular diseases as well.

Lowering our cholesterol can reduce the risks of having a heart attack, which would need heart bypass surgery or angioplasty. Weight loss for obese people can be a great self-help too. Seeking early medical advice can be helpful as correcting our lifestyle can save our health and increase our healthy age. Getting periodic check-ups with total body examination can bring out any early onset of these lifestyle diseases and can help us in risking our lives for falling prey to diseases.


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